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Our aims
Working Well Together (WWT) is a construction industry initiative put in place to improve health and safety in the construction industry, particularly in the small and micro businesses. Started in 1998, WWT has gone on to become the most successful, health and safety initiative within the construction industry.
The aims of the WWT initiative are
  • To improve health and safety knowledge and good practice within the construction industry and seek to continuously improve health, safety and welfare performance in the construction industry.  
  • To provide practical advice and assistance to the construction industry on the provision and maintenance of healthy and safe working environments.
  • To encourage co-operation between members in relation to sharing knowledge of health and safety matters.
  • To promote training and learning in health and safety.
  • To provide free or low cost information, advice and training to employers and workers in the construction industry.
  • To stage events where at least half the people who attend will be from small businesses (15 or fewer employees) and 20% are micro businesses (5 or fewer employees).
The WWT Groups also stage events for specific topics, audiences and scenarios such as asbestos, scaffolding, college road shows, Designer Awareness Days (DADs) and mock trials.
How it works
The aims of WWT are delivered through a network of groups whose members support and advise each other and also share information on good practice. The groups names generally describe the regions they operate in and the groups are also called ‘regional groups’.
The regional groups (with HSE support) also stage events in their regions designed to provide practical, hands-on advice and information on the various construction industry topics and issues. These events also usually include demonstrations and exhibitions of the latest equipment and services available to help you and your business.
There are typically 40 - 50 of these events held across England, Scotland and Wales each year. In line with our aims, at least least half the people invited to these events will be from small businesses (fewer than 15 employees) or micro businesses (fewer than 5 employees). Attendance is mainly free or very low cost and we usually feed you too!
There are 17 WWT regional groups across the nation. Existing groups are always ready to welcome new members and interest in setting up new regional groups is always welcome. Find out what's happening near you.