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WWT Anglia - About Us

Who We Are:

We are a voluntary group of construction representatives working in partnership to raise awareness and standards of health and safety within the industry.  WWT members include people from a wide range of both large and small construction companies and health and safety groups etc.  We operate with the support of The Health and Safety Executive. 

Our Aim: 

To improve health and safety, knowledge and standards and share good practice especially with small and medium enterprises within construction. 

Benefits of joining WWT Anglia:

High profile health and safety self-help group for small businesses.  As a member you may use the registered WWT Logo and gain the public relations benefits of association with the Campaign.

Get up to date information about awareness days, training, discussions of good practice and air issues and problems. 

Clients are more comfortable dealing with a responsible company, making repeat business far more likely.

Better health and safety record may reduce insurance premiums

Sickness and injury leave reduced, making better use of valuable resources. 

For more information, please email either myself, Gerald Brown or Nikki Childs, or Frances Kennedy,