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The idea of partnership and ‘help for the industry from the industry’ was pioneered and developed by the Haydock Construction Health and Safety Initiative that was formed in 2000. The events they have organised have been particularly successful in attracting and influencing small firms in the industry.

Building on success, the Initiative has been taken forward under the banner of the Working Well Together (WWT) Campaign. This initiative is now fully supported by local major construction companies, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), IOSH, the WWT Campaign and the HSE to organise, facilitate and deliver events around the country.
  • Speakers at the events will be experienced practitioners from the industry itself
  • Sponsors will include large contractors, suppliers, exhibitors and the HSE.
  • Exhibitors will include training organisations, PPE and work equipment suppliers etc.
This initiative is not aimed at health and safety professionals, neither is it primarily aimed at small firms who are already committed to health and safety, although we are happy for them to be involved if they want to improve their health and safety performance. The initiative is aimed at the unconverted – those SMEs who under-estimate the impact poor health and safety performance can have on their own lives and those who work with them; the financial impact on their business if things go wrong; and who have yet to realise that health and safety can actually make good business sense.

The objects of the events are to:

  • Improve awareness of high risk activities and health issues
  • Demonstrate practical measures to control risks
  • Promote continuous improvement in health and safety performance
 The drivers for the events are:
  •  The industry’s Revitalising Health and Safety targets
  •  HSEs priority topics
  •  The Working Well Together Campaign

The events organised by the Northwest Construction Health and Safety Initiative are free to all delegates. The events are funded by: 

  •  Sponsorship from local contractors.
  •  Exhibitors
  •  Funding from the HSE
 For further information regarding these events please contact Karen Nicholson on 02030283016
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