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WWT South West - About our group

The South West Working Well Together Group covers the counties of Gloucestershire, West of England (formerly Avon), Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.    
The group operates in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive and are supported by many of the UK's major contractors to promote good health and safety standards to smaller construction businesses.  
During the 12 years that the group has been running we have held numerous free events aimed at self-employed and small construction companies. 
We  are planning a full programme of events this year, kicking off with a Safety and Health Awareness half day in March, we also intend to hold a mock pre-trial interview and investigation,  plus other Health and Safety awareness events.
Our aim is to achieve a reduction in all accidents at work and to reduce the number of cases of work related ill health across the South West.  We do this by running events that:
  • Improve awareness of risk
  • Demonstrate practical measures to control risks
  •  Promote ways for continuous improvement in health and safety performance
  • Improve the awareness of Occupational health
 The drivers for the events are:
  • HSE's priority topics
  • The Industry's Health and Safety targets
  • The Working Well Together Campaign
We have a vibrant team and new people are always welcome – come join the team and help make a difference!
If your company is interested in becoming involved please respond to this email address: